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Friday, 29 April 2011

Not the royal wedding

Welcome to this wedding-free zone. Nothing against the happy couple; but a combination of jetlag from 24 hours of travelling back from Japan, and the need to do various things like sleeping, washing, ironing, photo processing, notes, more sleeping, a bit of eating, some shopping possibly, more sleeping, trying to remember what I'm supposed to be doing next week, reading post and emails and so on... they'll be fine without me.

Japan was great fun. The Foreign Office warned us off going to Tokyo, so we flew to and from Osaka - via Amsterdam - instead, staying in Hiroshima, Matsuyama, Fukuoka and Kyoto. Funny robots, theraputic seals, strange pickles, large carp, vertiginous castles, a manga museum, a philosopher's walk, the Space Shuttle, a zoo... we saw a lot and yet realised at the same time that we'd only begun to see everything that strange land has to show.

Bungo came with us and enjoyed himself. He even got his own seat for the final connecting flight from Amsterdam. Those nice people at Cityjet offered him a complimentary drink and a cheese roll, too. Further blogging, and some Bungo pictures, to come over the next few days...

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