Travels inspired by the Wombles

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Six degrees of Womble separation...?

Maybe it's just the effect of spending time writing a book related to the Wombles, but the world seems to be turning more and more Womble-tastic - at least around me.

The other day I mentioned the book to a colleague (in the office where I work with around ten others).  He said: 'Oh, really? Did you speak to Marcus?'

It turned out my colleague knew Marcus Robertson, son of Elisabeth Beresford and the original model for Orinoco (although he is far from fat or lazy in adult life, running several successful companies).

Then, the other day, a new colleague started.  After a few days settling in, they nipped around the corner to a cafe for an initial chat with me.  On the way back to the office, we talked about other things and the Wombles came up.  Like they do.

'Oh,' said my colleague.  'I toured with the Wombles a while ago.'

You couldn't keep walking when someone said something like that.  My colleague was not, in fact, a backing singer or musician - she was in PR, and had been accompanying a nationwide tour to promote the use of tin cans and particularly recycliny.  Hence the guest presence of the Wombles.

What a small Wombling world it is...