Travels inspired by the Wombles

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Need a new toothbrush holder?

You might find what you need in London's Portobello Road, as I did the other day (pictured). Mind you, £15 is a bit steep, even for the pleasure of opening your bathroom cabinet to see Orinoco each morning and evening.

This was my second Womble encounter of the day. Before visiting Portobello Road, I had spent an engrossing hour in the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising.

The 1970s section housed some of TV's best-known non-humans including the Pink Panther, the Muppets, Emu, Paddington Bear and Orinoco.

The display also included a copy of The Wombles boardgame which apparently comprised 'games board, 4 jigsaw puzzles, litter bin, 4 cut-out Wombles [and] 4 tidy bags'.

The Museum is well worth a visit. From a professional/historical point of view, they could be a bit braver and show fewer exhibits, as the extra space would enable the telling of some branding, advertising and packaging stories which don't make it into the Museum at present. But if you're looking for a good nostalgic wallow and a chance to recognise some of the day-to-day items of your childhood, or your parents' or event grandparents' childhoods, it's great fun.