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Saturday, 16 April 2011

The media story of the millennium, century etc

Well, possibly not, but hype is apparently the way to get your story mentioned, so I thought I would try it. Anyway... the story is - it seems - that The Wombles are playing Glastonbury this year. Now there were rumours they'd be at last year's Glasto, but maybe this year it's true. Their name is on the official poster, as performing on the Avalon Stage. As the Wombles albums are due for re-release around the same time, it would be quite credible for them to give some live performances. The poster also lists The Wombats as being booked to perform. Now there's a thought: Wombles v Wombats... Sad to say, it may be more difficult to invent time travel and go back to the 1966 World Cup Final than to get a ticket to Glastonbury. And if Tidybag's report is accurate, we won't even be able to see the Wombles' gig on the BBC. Shame!

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