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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Crossing Pelicans on Kangaroo Island

As part of our Adelaide trip, we spent two nights on nearby Kangaroo Island. Despite its name, the island doesn't just host kangaroos.  Among its other inhabitants are Australian pelicans and, one wet, windy and cold evening, we got to see quite a few of them, courtesy of John (shown below).  While treating us to the sight of pelicans (and some seagulls) trying to get hold of the fish he had brought with us, John entertained the crowd with various remarks, some contentious, others humorous, often both.  Among his proclamations:
'All a man needs is a boat and a wife.' (note the order of priority there...)
'A pelican once consumed a chihuahua which should earn it a place in history and our gratitude.'
And most crucially: 'For US and particularly Texan visitors, the Australian pelican is the world's largest and best-looking pelican.'


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