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Sunday, 5 May 2013

New Wombles in 2014?

A couple of weeks ago, the Guardian carried interviews with Mike Batt and Bernard Cribbins for a feature 'How we made The Wombles'.

It's a great read - and buried deep within the piece is this little comment from Batt (the underlined words are my emphasis):

"The show took up two years of my 40-year career, yet I'm still known as the man who wrote the Wombles. I used to find this irksome: I once described them as a furry anvil round my neck. But now I realise they were more of a furry balloon, and I'm currently working on a new series for 2014. Time has taught me what a wonderful legacy those little creatures are."

This doesn't say whether it's radio or TV, or where such a series might be broadcast.  But keep your furry fingers crossed for new Wombles next year...

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