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Friday, 4 January 2013

Those post-Christmas Wombling Blues...

It's the end of the holidays. 'Wombling Merry Christmas' isn't playing any more (except when you open the cupboard to get some crockery and the musical mug starts up - not sure what the electricians updating our light switches think of this).  The Orinoco costume is back in the cupboard. How do you get through these winter days without a touch of Wombling?

Luckily, people such as Arfon Jones have thought of this.  Mr Jones has prepared a special scientific display of what he calls 'Womblus Wimbledon Vulgaris' (trans. Common Wimbledon Womble).  Read, and marvel at his erudition.

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  1. Sir, thank you for your kind words and appreciation of this particular specimen. It is always a pleasure to hear from others whom share an interest in such things. Work continues on my collection of ‘Wonders and Atrocities’ so I welcome any comments and suggestions from knowledgeable, likeminded people such as your good self. Even though I see from your credentials that you are an expert in the field (or should that be common?) of Wombles, you might also be interested in the latest edition to my collection the ‘Mus Digitatus’
    Do please keep in touch, as I am certain that we haven’t heard the last of this interesting species knows as the Womble...
    In all sincerity
    Arfon Jones