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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Less than total harmony at Glastonbury

As one of the world's most famous rock and pop festivals prepares for an injection of Womble-ness, it seems the organiser of the event is having second thoughts about inviting everyone's favourite furry eco-warriors.
Now, it isn't exactly a new idea for the Wombles to play Glastonbury (remember the rumours next year) so Mr Eavis can hardly claim to be taken by surprised. He is quoted thus:
"I've got about 25 stages and managers and bookers for each of the stages. I can't control every single one of them but I do get cross about that kind of thing."
Cross about what, exactly? Cross about a very popular band playing at your festival? Cross about your underlings doing something you don't approve of? (And criticising your organising team in public seems a stupid thing to do) Cross (as you say yourself) that you can't control everything?
Or cross that the Wombles get the publicity from this story and Glastonbury doesn't? In which case a burst of synthetic, calculated anger a couple of weeks before the festival may garner Glastonbury yet more publicity.
That, you may say, is a cynical thought. Well, yes, it is. But scarcely more cynical than booking a band and then criticising the book. I'm sure Mr Eavis will be grumbling all the way to the bank.
Cynical, disorganised, control freakery... no wonder he doesn't like the Wombles.

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