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Sunday, 9 August 2009

Orwell that ends well

A comment has flooded in from someone who (I can only speculate) scans the internet for any mention of George Orwell. They must have been disappointed to find that this blog isn't about Orwell, but related to the Wombles. Disappointment might explain why their lengthy comment was a cocktail of hyperbolic bile and factual error. Maybe they'll be even more disappointed if their sophisticated software directs them here again now. If it does: you know who you are...and please bear in mind:

1. I didn't say my life or career has been inspired by the Wombles
2. Nor did I compare my writings to Orwell's
3. Anger management courses are available to help you:-)

Said correspondent's comments won't be featuring on here (the combination of arrogance, ignorance and rudeness didn't appeal), but yours could do. Feel free to send in a comment about your memories of the Wombles, or if you live in, or have visited, any of the places after which they were named.

UPDATE MON 10 AUG: said (sad) bilious, anonymous correspondent has responded. It's clear they have had a successful irony bypass (my reference to a comment 'flooding' in was ironic) and they have nothing constructive to say. They've also asserted that they have a right to be rude and unpleasant if they want to be. That's true... but it doesn't entitle their rudeness to be featured here, and it won't be. Their attitude is typical of some cowardly people on the internet who (as a writer in today's Guardian puts it) "spout things they would consider unacceptable if they were standing in the room and couldn't hide behind the cloak of anonymity".

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